Best Arcade Fire Album On Earth

Arcade Fire was formed by Win Butler and his soon-to-be wife, Régine Chassagne, while the pair were McGill University student in Montreal. After an initial EP, which they put out themselves, Butler's younger brother William joined the outfit, which soon attracted other members. They subsequently managed to build up huge local acclaim for their energetic live shows. Shortly thereafter, Merge Records, an independent, caught wind of their creative approach to songwriting and began work with them on their debut album. Funeral was released in 2004 - its sombre title reflective of the deaths of several of the band member's relatives. These included Alvino Rey, a celebrated composer who was the grandfather of the Butlers. It might have been a sad starting point, but musically, it worked; the album was a massive critical hit, and gained praise from heavyweights like David Bowie and Coldplay. Neon Bible, the 2007 follow up, was equally praised, and Arcade Fire have maintained their credibility with both Reflektor and Everything Now.

Followers: Mumford & Sons

Influenced By: Echo & The Bunnymen, Mercury Rev, Talking Heads, Radiohead, David Bowie

Music, Rock, Indie/Alternative

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