Best Buffalo Springfield Song On Earth

The doyens of rock with country, that gave rise to country/rock. The Springfield were unconsciously the pioneers of what Poco, The Flying Burrito Brothers and The Eagles all became. They were a supergroup before the term was invented with Stephen Stills, Neil Young and Richie Furay, not to mention the latter-day member Jim Messina. Utilising big boomy electric White Falcon guitars with tremolo arms, Stills and Young duelled with each other, while others watched their onstage disintegration. In the short time they were together they produced some stellar music that has had a colossal influence on music. Most people agree they were too far ahead of their time, and by the time we caught up with them, they had broken up. They were a band of huge historical importance.

Followers: Pearl Jam, Eagles

Influenced By: The Beatles, The Byrds, The Shadows, The Beach Boys

Music, Rock, Playlists, Country

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