Best Crosby, Stills & Nash Album On Earth

One of the first rock supergroups, Crosby Stills & Nash absolutely nailed it with their debut album, which even today stands as containing some of their finest work. It was all here: great acoustic playing, excellent lyrics and a genuine, unshakeable talent. After inviting Neil Young to join their ranks, C.S&N hit even greater heights with Déjà Vu, their outstanding second record. But nothing this good could last forever, and thanks to some serious ego issues, C.S&N went their separate ways shortly after. Despite working in various combinations throughout the years, the original trio didn't reunite until 1977's comeback set, CSN, but they splintered once more thanks to Crosby's drug addiciction. Despite numerous interventions it was only when Crosby emerged from a prison term in 1988, clean and ready, that they made a concerted comeback effort. Subsequent studio efforts have been patchy, although they have remained a popular live draw and proved that the magical powers of their early-70's peak could still be recaptured.

Followers: Fleet Foxes, America, The Posies

Influenced By: Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Everly Brothers

Music, People, Rock

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