Best Daft Punk Song On Earth

This French duo originally recorded Beach Boys-inspired material under the name Darling. An unkind review describing one of their singles as ‘a bunch of daft punk’ inspired them to launch their new project. Inspired by the house sounds prevalent in the UK and USA at the start of the 90s, Christo and Bangalter began fashioning their own uniquely Gallic take on dance music. The techno funk rave up Da Funk introduced the wider world to Daft Punk, and set the scene for the release of their 1997 debut Homework, one of the era’s defining albums. Drawing freely from disco, rock, house and techno, the album was a glorious fusion of styles, as equally at home on the dance-floor, as on a stereo. Subsequent releases have continued to push musical boundaries while maintaining the duo’s unerring ear for a great hook-line.

Followers: Dirty Sanchez, Junior Senior, Motorbass, Cassius

Influenced By: Laurent Garnier, Roxy Music, The Chemical Brothers, DJ Pierre

Music, Dance, Electronic, Playlists

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