Best Earth, Wind & Fire Song On Earth

Formed from the ashes of late-60s, Chicago-based session band, The Salty Peppers, the group eventually mutated into Earth, Wind & Fire and quickly established themselves with two eclectic albums of jazz with elements of R&B, funk and Latin music. Their mainstream breakthrough came with 1975’s USA chart-topper, Shining Star. It was followed by a string of memorable funk-based hits, including Fantasy, After The Love Has Gone, and the contagious Boogie Wonderland. The band’s reputation was enhanced by their spectacular live shows, complete with elaborate stage sets inspired by founder, Maurice White’s fascination with Ancient Egypt. The band was dealt a severe blow by the departure of lead singer, Phillip Bailey, for a solo career in the early-80s. The unexpected commercial failure of Electric Universe in 1983 ended the string of 11 outstanding albums, and the band went on hiatus for four years. They returned with 1987’s Touch The World but the album failed to replicate the success of their previous efforts. Undeterred the band continued to tour and record, for their own Kalimba label into the new millennium when it was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.

Influenced By: Isley Brothers, The 5th Dimension, The Jackson 5, Sly & The Family Stone, James Brown

Music, Soul/R&B, Playlists

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