Best Everly Brothers Song On Earth

The most successful rock 'n' roll duo in US chart history, the Everly Brothers will be remembered for their timeless run of hits in the late 50s and early 60s. Raised by country singing parents, the genre proved the single biggest influence on the brothers as they started their own career in the music business in the mid-50s. Remarkably, their breakthrough hit was with a song that no other artist had shown much interest in covering. Felice And Boudleaux Bryant's Bye Bye Love stormed the international charts in 1957, mixing rudimentary rock 'n' roll with the brothers' sweet, country-influenced vocal harmonies. A string of perfect hit singles followed in quick succession, with the brothers also developing as fine songwriters in their own right. Don's Cathy's Clown was to prove their biggest hit, a peerless pop song that remains as fresh today as it was in 1961. Various personal problems and changing musical fashions relegated them to the sidelines for most of the 60s, before they re-emerged with some fine country rock albums later in the decade. After a rocky period in the 70s they patched up relations and continued to tour to adoring crowds throughout the world. They were the greatest harmony duo by which everything else must be judged.

Followers: The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Simon Garfunkel, The Hollies, Peter Gordon, Dave Edmunds

Influenced By: Hank Williams, The Carter Family, Elvis Presley

Music, Rock, Country, Playlists

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