Best Flying Burrito Brothers Song On Earth

The influence of the Flying Burrito Brothers has far outreached their commercial success. Any true history of the group will struggle to find any real justification for its existence after 1970, when founding member Gram Parsons left. With Parsons at the helm the group completed one of the finest albums of the era, 1969's The Gilded Palace Of Sin. A mixture of country, rock and soul, the album proved highly influential for the new generation of country rock bands that would emerge in its wake. The irony was that lesser groups such as The Eagles would enjoy huge commercial success with a watered down version of the Burritos' sound. The follow-up album Burrito Deluxe (1970) is often overlooked but is another fine collection that has grown in stature over the years. Later line-ups steered towards a more straightforward country sound, even enjoying some limited chart success in the 80s. The irony would no doubt have been appreciated by Parsons over a fine bottle of wine.

Followers: Beck, Sheryl Crow, Cowboy Junkies, Gillian Welch, Evan Dando, The Mavericks, The Coal Porters

Influenced By: Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, The Byrds, The Louvin Brothers, Buck Owens

Music, Country, Rock, Playlists

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