Best Genesis Song On Earth

Genesis had an odd beginning. The members were a group of schoolfriends from Charterhouse, an exclusive public institution, and they got their first deal via an alumnus at Decca Records. Initially, it seemed like an old boy's network thing, and their first album was so unsuccessful that it got them dropped from Decca. Fortunately, they had a bit more in them: with Phil Collins on the drums, they eventually made good with their fourth album, Foxtrot, in 1972. Gabriel left three years later, but with Collins moved to vocal duties there was no stopping them - especially when he started to get some serious solo acclaim. They were one of the world's biggest acts in the 80s, and are still riotously popular even though Ray Wilson briefly replaced Collins before the drummer returned for a hugely successful reunion/farewell tour in 2006.

Followers: Spock’s Beard, Marillion, IQ, Dream Theater, Pendragon

Influenced By: King Crimson, The Beatles, The Moody Blues

Music, Rock, Playlists

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