Best Grateful Dead Song On Earth

The band that gave meaning to communal music, for well over 40 years, no group of musicians has come anywhere near this legendary, loveable conglomeration who mix rock, country, folk, R&B, bluegrass, soul and jazz into one beautiful distilled genre that is truly their own. The remarkable and mercurial Grateful Dead have survived, and will survive, and have stayed true to their cause, even if they change their name tomorrow, or under whatever banner; RatDog, The Dead, The Other Ones, such is the power of that legendary name. A vast catalogue of songs remains in print, in addition to countless live recordings (they claimed they never could record in a studio). Their poetic lyric writers Robert Hunter and John Perry Barlow also deserve a space for equal adoration. The whole package is there for the few remaining souls who have not yet discovered them. If in doubt, simply ask a Deadhead to explain.

Music, Rock, Playlists, Blues

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