Best Manassas Album On Earth

Most fans of Stephen Stills would universally agree that he reached an artistic peak with this magnificant short-lived band of stellar musicians, including the talented Chris Hillman. Those who were lucky to see them live would testify, that even thought they were chemically enhanced at the time, they played like their lives depended on it. The debut double album was an accurate testimony to the live shows, one side country rock, one side country, one side blues/rock and the fourth side contained Buffalo Springfield/Byrds-like songs to gladden the hearts. Egos got in the way, and Stills was also burnt out by the time the second album Down The Road was released, which contained much the same fare but with some additional Latin flavoured rock. An unbelievably great band.

Followers: The Outlaws, The Eagles, The Desert Rose Band

Influenced By: Buffalo Springfield, Jimi Hendrix, Flying Burrito Brothers, Tito Puente

Music, Rock

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