Best Neil Young Album On Earth

From the moment that Young finally departed the legendary Buffalo Springfield (after several false starts), he had already written a future catalogue of songs to sustain a lengthy solo career. He has since become an iconic singer/songwriter, and probably second only to Dylan as the critics' choice. In an astonishingly prolific career he has tackled folk, blues, RB, punk, heavy metal, synth/pop and country with great ease. Additionally he is rightfully the Godfather of Grunge; nobody played distorted guitar quite like that, and his subsequent influence has been enormous. Young is one of the few artists from the 60s to retain total credibility, both with his longstanding fans, but more importantly, with a new young audience, eager to be won over by his often, quite staggering live performances. With or without Crosby, Stills, Nash or Crazy Horse he is a charismatic performer.

Followers: Nirvana, The Melvins, Red House Painters, Ron Sexsmith

Influenced By: Hank Williams, The Shadows, Link Wray, Dick Dale, Bob Dylan

Music, People, Rock

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