Best Odyssey Song On Earth

The Lopez sisters, Lillian, Louise, and Carmen, formed Odyssey in 1968. The trio came from the US Virgin Islands and the disco group maintained an island feel among the funk guitar and string flourishes of their records. Carmen's duration with the group was brief and Filipino singer Tony Reynolds soon replaced her. Their song Native New Yorker became a huge international hit in 1977; it painted an evocative picture of the Big Apple that was at once stark, nostalgic, and (importantly!) extremely danceable. The single resulted in Odyssey being signed to RCA Records by young Turk Tommy Mottola. Bill McEachern replaced Reynolds after the third album which continued their tradition of smooth disco and laid-back funk. Their fortunes quickly fell off in the USA in the 'Disco Sucks' era, but scored another hit in the UK with 1980's Use It Up And Wear It Out. After six albums, Odyssey disbanded in 1983.

Followers: En Vogue

Influenced By: Johnny Mathis, Isaac Hayes, James Brown

Music, Soul/R&B, Dance, Playlists

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