Best Pat Metheny Song On Earth

Like his older brother, Mike Metheny, he studied trumpet but in the late 60s switched to guitar. Atilla Zoller encouraged him to go to New York and in subsequent years he studied there, in Miami, and also at the Berklee School Of Music. From the mid-70s he performed with various artists, including a spell with Gary Burton and records with Jaco Pastorius and others, notably keyboard player Lyle Mays. Through the 80s, 90s and 00s, he led numerous groups in which he has numbered many leading jazz musicians of the times, including Michael Brecker, Jack DeJohnette, Charlie Haden, Billy Higgins and Nana Vasconcelos. In addition to his very busy performing schedule, Metheny has also been involved in music education, including membership of the faculty at the University of Miami. He has also composed music, not only for his own repertoire but also for television and films, the latter including The Falcon And The Snowman (1985), The Silent Alarm (1993) and Trece Entre Mil (2005). Throughout his career, Metheny has always been alert to changing musical directions and has accommodated free jazz, recording with Ornette Coleman in 1985 and Derek Bailey in 1997, various fusions, including sets with John Scofield, and he has recorded rock with David Bowie. In all of this, he has displayed careful attention to the melodic qualities of the music he plays. The 90s and 00s found Metheny happily working with MOR jazz musicians, among them Joshua Redman and in a trio with bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Bill Stewart. Often, he has brilliantly bridged the gap between jazz and rock, experimenting with Guitar Synths and acoustic and electric guitars. Always beautifully melodic, he is unquestionably one of the modern giants of jazz, and all the roads that lead to it.

Influenced By: The Beatles, Wes Montgomery, Jim Hall

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