Best Primal Scream Song On Earth

UK indie-outfit, Primal Scream, have proved to possess a longevity few suspected after their poorly received 1987 debut, Sonic Flower Groove. Based around the musical obsessions of vocalist, Bobby Gillespie, a former drummer with the Jesus Mary Chain, the first line up dropped All Fall Down in 1985. After recruiting Andrew Innes, the band switched directions with their self-titled 1988 follow-up, a leather-trouser wearing, scuzzy rock 'n' roll set. But by the time of release Gillespie had moved on again, this time embracing dance music. A swift reinvention, it bore its first fruit with Loaded, which became a chart hit. A year later, Screamadelica emphasized Gillespie's eclectic approach to music and won the Mercury Music Prize in its first year. Subsequent albums have embraced aggressive electronica, techno and krautrock before returning to heritage rock 'n' roll on Riot City Blues in 2006.

Followers: Oasis, The Stone Roses, Kasabian

Influenced By: Rolling Stones, Kraftwerk, MC5, Funkadelic

Music, Rock, Dance, Playlists, Indie/Alternative

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