Best Richard Hawley Song On Earth

Sheffield-born troubadour, Richard Hawley, began his musical career as a guitarist with the indie-rock outfit, The Longpigs, and then as a touring guitarist with Pulp. He subsequently worked as a session musician, lending his redoubtable six-string skills to recordings by a range of artists including Robbie Williams, and All Saints before launching his solo career with a self-titled mini-album for Setanta Records in 2001. The recording revealed Hawley's superb singing voice on a set of tunes that displayed the hither-to hidden influence of vintage rock 'n' rollers such as Eddie Cochran, and classic balladeers such as Scott Walker, marking the modest Yorkshireman as a natural heir to Roy Orbison. Hawley really hit his stride with the swooningly romantic Cole's Corner, which was rightly nominated for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize in 2005 and continued to successfully tweak his formula on subsequent releases such as 2009's Truelove's Gutter which pared back the lush orchestration of previous releases in favour of a sparser, more intimate sound.

Followers: Relaxed Muscle

Influenced By: Scott Walker, Tindersticks, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, The Everly Brothers, Hank Marvin, Eddie Cochran, Lee Hazelwood, Duane Eddy

Music, People, Rock, Country, Pop, Playlists

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