Best Sandy Denny Song On Earth

The prime folk rock vocalist of the late 60s UK music scene, Sandy Denny's reputation has only grown with the passage of time. A student nurse, she initially worked the London-based folk scene in tandem with her boyfriend Jackson C. Frank. She also collaborated with Johnny Silvo and Alex Campbell, before joining The Strawbs in 1968. This short-lived collaboration was replaced by Denny joining Fairport Convention, with the singer playing a key role in the group's pivotal role in the invention of English folk rock. Leaving Fairport after falling out with other members over their traditionalist path, she recorded a brilliant album with her partner Trevor Lucas as Fotheringay. Her solo career proper began in 1971 with the expressive The North Star Grassman And The Ravens, which would set a high standard that only 1973's Sandy would match. A brief reunion with Fairport Convention aside, the rest of Denny's life was marred by alcoholism and an erratic solo career. After suffering a fall at her parents' home in 1978, she died from a cerebral haemorrhage barely a month later. A sad end for one of the UK's most expressive female vocalists.

Followers: Beth Orton, June Tabor, Natalie Merchant

Influenced By: Tom Paxton, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan

Music, People, Folk, Playlists, Rock, Singer-Songwriter

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