Best Song On Earth

Published lists of the 'Best Songs Of All Time' are either the opinions of one person, or at least the collected opinions of a group of journalists with a hidden agenda.

We want to create a definitive list that reflects the opinions of every type of person from every part of the world. That way, we can find out just what is the Best Song On Earth! Then we will go to Mars and Saturn and see what they think.

So whether you're into Pop, Metal, Dance, Reggae, Alternative Rock, Folk, Black Metal, Blue Metal, Scrap Metal or Peruvian Mountain Music, join in by voting for your favourite songs and adding any items that are missing. Our Spotify Best Song Playlist is our most subscribed list on earth, so you can work your way through it at your leisure and pleasure. Bob Dylan said 'there's a lot more old music than there is new music'.

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