Best Status Quo Song On Earth

This enduring rock band originally formed in 1962, as the R&B-influenced The Spectres, before changing to The Status Quo in 1967, and finally merely Status Quo in 1970. They started out with a psychedelic-based sound, and achieved early success in 1968 with Pictures Of Matchstick Man. They had several more minor hits during the late 60s, and although their first four albums were well received, they failed to sell in the necessary quantities. This led to a change of direction in the early 70s, coupled with a switch to rock label Vertigo Records. Having adoped a simple, melodic brand of catchy hard rock, they went on to enjoy huge success throughout the 70s, and into the 80s, producing a number of tracks now considered classic rock songs. They also achieved massive popularity in Europe, although strangely their 1968 debut remained their biggest success in America. Numerous line-up changes over the years have left Francis Rossi as the only original member. However, they retain a sizeable, loyal following in the UK and across Europe, their records continue to sell respectably, and they remain a popular live attraction. Status Quo have sold in excess of 120 million records worldwide.

Followers: Spinal Tap, Saxon, Slade The Wildhearts

Influenced By: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, The Who


Music, Rock, Pop, Playlists, Metal

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