Best Worst Song On Earth

It's impossible to really say what the Worst Song On Earth is. It must be a combination of bad, bad and bad. Bad lyrics is usually the deal closer, but mundane melody and terrible singing is another value added factor. Some people have voted for songs that are  really, hand on heart, not truly truly terrible; I suspect that they are merely songs that irritate, and the listener begins to hate. Hating a song should not count. This Editor hates American Pie by Don McWhatever; but could not really say it is a worst song on earth. You decide of course, but give a listen to some of those wonderfully terrible Joe Meek productions in the list. There are two howlers from Glenda Collins and one from Geoff Goddard (Sky Men), ouch!

Other gems can be found by giving the whole list a listen, possibly while tied to a chair with headdphones on.

And come on! 'We Built This City' isn't so bad is it?

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