By Colin Larkin August 03, 2016 13:46

Revolving for 50 Years

1966 was a pivotal year. It was the year that West Ham United beat West Germany in the World Cup Final. And before anyone moans, it was West Ham, and not wishy washy England that did it. It was goals from Geoff, Martin and led by the greatest captain of all-time; Bobby.  Tomorrow on 4th August it is 50 years since the release of the Beatles' REVOLVER. An iconic album that seems set to remain head and shoulders above all others, and even in the Beatles world it still comes out on top of Sgt Pepper. Since we started Best Album On Earth in 2008, REVOLVER has been consistently at number one. Since 1998 when I did my second edition of All Time Top 1000 Albums it has also been at number one. Will it ever get knocked off? I hope so, because for many years Sgt Pepper was always at the top and we really do need a change. Many would also cite Pet Sounds as the greatest, and Dark Side Of The Moon has a pretty good claim also. Get voting, see if you can change the axis of the earth. In the meantime if any of you out there has never heard it then get a bloody move on.

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