3 Colours Red

3 Colours Red

  • 19 Sep 15:35
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3 Colours Red were a rock band from the United Kingdom. They achieved their biggest chart success at the end of the 1990s, along with other Britrock bands such as Ash and Feeder. The band was named by sticking a pin in a London listings magazine, Time Out. It landed randomly on an advertisement for the concluding part of the Polish film director Krzysztof Kieślowski's, Three Colors, trilogy. They went on to record two UK Top 20 albums, and six Top 40 singles. Fox Soccer Channel currently feature their 1997 hit "Copper Girl" as background music when announcing scores and goal summaries at half time and full time.

In 1995, it was suggested by a mutual friend that guitarist Chris McCormack (ex-Forgodsake/Gunslinger) should contact the Birmingham based singer/bassist Pete Vuckovic (ex-Diamond Head) to start a band. Both had recently left their previous bands and were looking for something new, McCormack made the call and they decided to work on some songs together. Due to location they spent the following months trading four track recordings and developing song ideas via post, until they had enough material to record a demo, they soon moved to London and began putting a band together....


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