A Summer Place

A Summer Place (Delmer Daves)

  • 21 Jun 13:08
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A Summer Place is a 1959 romantic drama film based on the novel of the same name by Sloan Wilson. It was directed by Delmer Daves and stars Richard Egan, Dorothy McGuire, and Troy Donahue. The film would be famous for its main instrumental theme.

The story examines the adult lives of two onetime teen lovers, Ken (Egan) and Sylvia (McGuire), who were from different social strata. Ken was self-supporting, working as a lifeguard at Pine Island, an exclusive Maine resort, while Sylvia's nouveau riche family stayed as guests of the owners, one summer between years at college. They went on to marry different people – entirely the wrong people, it turned out. Ken's wife Helen (Constance Ford) turns out to be frigid and shuts him out romantically, while Sylvia's husband Bart (Arthur Kennedy) becomes an alcoholic, gradually costing him the family fortune. Ken buries himself in the research chemist's job he finds after college, while Sylvia devotes herself first to charity work, then motherhood.

The saving grace of each marriage is their children, Sylvia's son Johnny (Troy Donahue) and Ken's daughter Molly (Sandra Dee). Ken and Sylvia meet again on Pine Island after twenty years, with Ken...


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