A Trick Of The Tail

A Trick Of The Tail (Genesis)

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"A Trick of the Tail'" is a song by the progressive rock band Genesis taken from the album of the same name. It was written by the band's keyboard player Tony Banks and was the first Genesis song to ever be accompanied by a promotional video, which features the band gathered around a piano performing the song.

Now dated special effects make Collins appear to walk and dance on the piano and Steve Hackett's guitar. In recent years Collins has called the video the most embarrassing and cringeworthy of his entire career.

The song was released as a single with Entangled as the b-side but failed to make any significant chart impact. The majority of the song was written by Banks in 1972 and was originally intended for the Foxtrot album. The song's rhythm, according to Banks, is heavily influenced by The Beatles' Getting Better.

Like much of the A Trick of the Tail album the songs lyrics focus on a specific character; the "Beast" who leaves his own kingdom and enters the world of humans. He is captured and put on display in a freak show after his captors refuse to believe in his kingdom. The Beast laments his decision to leave his home, describing it as a paradise covered in gold. His...


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Best Genesis Song On Earth

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