Abbey Road

Abbey Road (The Beatles)

  • 18 Aug 13:37
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The product of the last Beatles recording session, Abbey Road transcends the internecine strife gripping its participants. Individuality triumphs on side one, as each group member pursues specific callings, be it classic rock ‘n’ roll, Lear-like nonsense verse, riff-laden cris de coeur or simple, sumptuous pop. Wait for the sudden silence after 'I Want You' halts, or simply count the ‘she’s so heavys’. Later on the partworks and fragments of Pam and Mr Mustard are fused together to perfection to construct a breathtaking suite. Characters are cast and melodies envelop until the final experience is of a seamless whole, a proclamation of the ultimate joy of pop itself. ‘And in the end, the love you make . . .’

Tracks: Come Together; Something; Maxwell’s Silver Hammer; Oh! Darling; Octopus’s Garden; I Want You (She’s So Heavy); Here Comes The Sun; Because; You Never Give Me Your Money; Sun King; Mean Mr. Mustard; Polythene Pam; She Came In Through The Bathroom Window; Golden Slumbers; Carry That Weight; The End; Her Majesty....


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