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Around and Around (Chuck Berry)

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"Around and Around" is a 1958 rock song written by Chuck Berry.

The Rolling Stones covered the song on their EP, Five by Five and second US album 12 X 5 in 1964. In October 1964, they performed the song as part of their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. It was also included on the 1977 live album Love You Live, as part of the El Mocambo club gig in Toronto.

The Animals covered it also in 1964. Eric Burdon had it also included on some of his live sets.

The song was a staple of the Grateful Dead, who played it in concert over 400 times between 1970 and 1995. It appears on 19 Grateful Dead albums, and 9 more by related acts from the Grateful Dead family.

David Bowie recorded the song in 1971, produced by Ken Scott, under the title "Round and Round". It was released as the B-side of the single "Drive-In Saturday" in April 1973. This is one of David Bowie's more rare recordings. It was also found on the compilations Rare (1983) and the Sound and Vision box set. Picture disc versions was released in both the RCA Life Time picture disc set and the Fashion Picture Disc Set. In 2002 it was released on the Ziggy Stardust - 30th Anniversary Reissue bonus disc.

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