Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day (3 Colours Red)

  • 18 Aug 13:44
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'Beautiful Day' was the first single from 3 Colours Reds second album, Revolt. It was released on Creation Records in 1999.

The song was written by frontman/ bassist Pete Vuckovic and recorded at Westside Studios in London; it surprised many, showing a more sensitive and epic side to the band's previously punk/ pop dominated sound (although they had already released their debut album featuring 'Fit Boy and Faint Girl' and 'Copper Girl' which had already featured the aforementioned 'sensitive and epic' side). It went on to become the band's biggest commercial hit, reaching number 11 in the U.K charts in January 1999, throwing them further into the media headlights at a time when the talk around the band was of them being dropped and paving the way for the band's American campaign where the song received considerable radio airplay, even entering the charts. The band toured the U.S with Silverchair, later Vuckovic did an acoustic promotional tour of radio stations on the back of the songs success.

It was later rather incorrectly and naively blamed for splitting the band up having 'allegedly' distanced Vuckovic from his bandmates and fueled a creative powerstruggle between him and his...


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