Beautiful Freak

Beautiful Freak (Eels)

  • 18 Aug 13:59
  • 8 lists

Even though lead singer ‘E’ does not exactly look like your typical rock star he does have a highly original and attractive voice. Eels are one of the most interesting alternative rock bands to come out of America in recent times, and this debut album turned a few heads when it was released. Their eclectic style is heard to great effect on the stop/start structure of ‘Susan’s House’ and the glorious middle eight of ‘Novocaine For The Soul’, songs which lull the listener into a relaxed state before bursting into glorious life. ‘E’ clearly has a lot on his mind, and the songs are all the better for his honesty.

Tracks: Novocaine For The Soul; Susan’s House; Rags To Rags; Beautiful Freak; Not Ready Yet; My Beloved Monster; Flower; Guest List; Mental; Spunky; Your Lucky Day In Hell; Manchild....


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