Ben Folds Five

Ben Folds Five (Ben Folds Five)

  • 11 Feb 11:39
  • 3 lists

What a breath of fresh air Mr. Folds and his two cohorts are. What other rock group (and Ben Folds Five are rock, not pop) could so successfully use piano as the lead instrument. It really is quite refreshing to get through nearly fifty minutes of music without a guitar solo or an acoustic strum. The songs pull in all kinds of directions like a modern day 10cc, with clever key changes led by Folds’ wayward piano and lyrics which never fail to intrigue.

Tracks: Jackson Cannery; Philosophy; Julianne; Where’s Summer B.?; Alice Childress; Underground; Sports & Wine; Uncle Walter; Best Imitation Of Myself; Video; The Last Polka; Boxing....


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