Bigger Than My Body

Bigger Than My Body (John Mayer)

  • 19 Sep 16:06
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"Bigger Than My Body" is the first single released by John Mayer from his second album Heavier Things. As a B-side, the single contained a cover of Radiohead's "Kid A" and a new original song that was not included on Heavier Things, "Tracing". The intro to the song was generated using an Adrenalinn effects processor developed by Roger Linn.

Mayer composed the song after going to a Coldplay concert. He wrote it to explain his desire to write both moving and great music, like what he found in artists like Coldplay, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Pearl Jam. At the same time, he commented on the frustration of not being able to get the music outside of his own body.

"Bigger Than My Body" was performed live on tour following the release of Heavier Things. In that tour, Mayer had several concerts recorded, four of which were then sold online on iTunes as "As/Is". "Bigger Than My Body" appeared on two of these releases, the California performance at Mountain View and the Texas performance at The Woodlands (and runs for 6:17, almost two minutes longer than the album and single version). The concerts were then compiled into a "best of as/is" CD, but "Bigger Than My Body" didn't make the cut. On...


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