Bookends (Simon And Garfunkel)

  • 24 Aug 09:19
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Over the years the overblown acclaim of Bridge Over Troubled Water has lessened as the credibility of Bookends has grown. The gap has slightly narrowed in succeeding years as listeners discover some of Paul Simon’s most entertaining lyrics in ‘Fakin’ It’, ‘Punky’s Dilemma’ and ‘Save The Life Of My Child’, not to forget, for God’s sake, ‘Mrs Robinson’ and the evocative ‘America’. ‘Toss me a cigarette, I think there’s one in my raincoat’, simple but immensely powerful stuff. Sadly, there is nothing to be done about still having to sit through the dreadful ‘Voices Of Old People’. although CD technology makes this less painful. Bookends dwarfs that other album. There, its been said.

Tracks: Bookends; Save The Life Of My Child; America; Overs; Voices Of Old People; Old Friends; Fakin’ It; Punky’s Dilemma; Hazy Shade Of Winter; At The Zoo; Mrs. Robinson....


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