Changes (2Pac)

  • 18 Aug 14:43
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"Changes" is a hip hop song by the late Tupac Shakur, the song was originally recorded during his tenure at Interscope records in 1992. Changes was later remixed during 1997-1998. The song re-uses lines from another 2Pac song called "Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto" which was recorded during the same year. 2Pac at times re-used lines from other unreleased songs because he would try to make an updated version. However, since his death many of the unreleased and unmastered songs are being officially released.

The song was a #1 hit in Norway and The Netherlands and reached the top ten in the singles charts of several other countries. It is one of 2Pac's most notable and popular songs. Released posthumously on his album Greatest Hits, the song talks about all of the different issues that were related to 2Pac's era of influence - notably racism, police brutality, drugs and gang violence.

"Changes" was nominated for Best Rap Solo Performance at the Grammy Awards of 2000 and remains the only posthumous song to be nominated in this category. In 2009, "Changes" was chosen as one of 12 songs to appear on the Vatican's official Myspace music page. The "Huey" that 2Pac mentions in the song ("two...


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