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The most successful British band of recent times, Coldplay have topped sales charts across the world since the release of their first single, the winsome Yellow in 2000. Their songs range from beautifully subtle acoustic melodies, giving the pitch defying vocals of lead singer Chris Martin his head, to epic stadium anthems. They unfailingly carry a genuine emotion that virtually unanimously strikes a chord with music-going audiences, and whilst their music is neither groundbreaking nor radical, it has inspired a wave of similarly styled, piano-driven pop/rock bands from Thirteen Senses to Snow Patrol. Few manage to achieve the lyrical quality of Martin’s voice and Coldplay’s melodious harmonies. Frontman Chris Martin is also known for his political activism. He is a strong advocate of the Make Trade Fair campaign and Amnesty International and the band played a key role in the Live 8 charity project. In June 2008 Coldplay’s fourth studio album, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends, set a new record at the time as the most-downloaded album ever.

Followers: Thirteen Senses, Keane, Snow Patrol

Influenced By: Radiohead, Travis, U2, Jeff Buckley



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