Disintegration (The Cure)

  • 18 Aug 12:50
  • 8 lists

Dark, despairing, dreamlike and magical, Disintegration surely represents one of the Cure’s finest hours. Although retaining the darkest elements of the earlier albums, it pointed the way towards the band’s later, more commercial work on Wish. The intoxicating music draws the listener inexorably downwards, but somehow one remains buoyant - rarely since this album has Robert Smith surpassed the beauty and yearning of ‘Pictures Of You’, or the poignant pop of ‘Lovesong’. The nightmarish ‘Lullaby’, however, increases the pressure, and by the final tracks, all hope quite literally disintegrates. A unique and emotionally raw album, this evokes the sensation of inevitable, but desirable, death by drowning.

Tracks: Plainsong; Pictures Of You; Closedown; Love Song; Last Dance; Lullaby; Fascination Street; Prayers For Rain; The Same Deep Water As You; Disintegration; Homesick; Untitled....


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