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The brainchild of singer-songwriter, Mark Everett, Eels was formed in the mid-90s and has featured a revolving cast of musicians, although Everett can be argued to be the sole member. His debut single, Novocaine For The Soul, did extremely well in the USA and made number 10 in the UK charts in 1996. The attendant album, Beautiful Freak, was a skilful blend of rap loops, lo-fi rock and mordant lyricism combined with distorted scraping steel guitar sounds. Electro-Shock Blues, his next project, came at a turbulent time in his life, Cancer For The Cure and My Descent Into Madness betrayed a preoccupation with mortality and a taste for the darker side of the lunatic fringe. Subsequent albums embraced a brighter sound but after switching to Vagrant Records, Everett unleashed the stunning 33-track set, Blinking Lights And Other Revelations, in 2005. The epic set was drawn from seven year's worth of recordings and encompassed tinkling piano ballads, country folk laments and scuzzy lo-fi rockers and was greeted with glowing reviews.

Followers: Garbage, Ben Folds, Badly Drawn Boy

Influenced By: Beach Boys, Todd Rundgren, Beck, Neil Young...


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