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The Eurythmics are widely regarded as one of pop music’s best ever duos. Formed in 1980 in London, England, David Stewart and Annie Lennox had previously worked together in the acclaimed punk/pop group, The Tourists. This outfit broke-up amidst the break down of Lennox and Stewart’s four-year relationship, which was highly publicised. The Eurythmics emerged soon after with their 1981 debut album, In The Garden, a moody, Krautrock-influenced record, which received indifferent reviews and did not sell well. Their following album in 1983 and its accompanying single of the same name, Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This), propelled the duo to international stardom. From then on, they enjoyed huge success, and earned universal acclaim. The combination of Stewart’s excellent pop compositions and Lennox’s superb, highly distinctive voice, proved a winning combination. They sustained both the standard of their work and their popularity until their 1989 album We Too Are One, and their subsequent break-up in 1990. Lennox went on to pursue a solo career, while Stewart collaborated with several other acts, and produced film soundtracks. The duo reformed in 1999 for a new album, and have worked together a number of times since. However, Lennox has publicly talked down any possibility of new Eurythmics material.

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