Follow You, Follow Me

Follow You, Follow Me (Genesis)

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"Follow You Follow Me" is a 1978 single by Genesis. The music was written by Tony Banks, Phil Collins, and Mike Rutherford, with lyrics by Rutherford. Originally released as the last track from their 1978 album …And Then There Were Three…, the single was Genesis's first to reach the American Top 40 (#23) and UK Top 10 (#7). It was also a harbinger of the more radio friendly direction Genesis would take over the next decade.

The slower, overtly sentimental love-themed "Follow You Follow Me" was a departure from their previous work, and indeed the rest of the album. Although previous albums contained love ballads, such as Selling England by the Pound's "More Fool Me", "Follow You Follow Me" was the first worldwide pop success by the group and gained the band play on adult contemporary and pop music stations. The band all agreed that their music was attracting mainly male audiences, almost 95% in fact. This song was written specifically to redress the balance.

The music video for the song was a mimed live performance of the band. Featured on their DVD The Video Show.

The song was played live during the …And Then There Were Three…, Duke, Three Sides Live Encore tour, Mama, Invisible...


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