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Galaxy Song (Monty Python)

  • 08 Jul 16:22
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"The Galaxy Song" is a song from the movie Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, later released on the album Monty Python Sings. The song appears about halfway through the movie, when Eric Idle climbs out of a refrigerator and begins singing. The lyrics include a number of astronomical facts, and (within the limits imposed by creative licence), the figures tend to be tolerably accurate.

In scientist Paul Kohlmiller's analysis of the facts presented in The Galaxy Song, the final line "'Cause there's bugger-all down here on Earth." is footnoted by his observation: "An unassailable truth." In British English, the phrase "bugger all" means "nothing" (see Bugger). Although the term is an observation on the lack of the intelligence life down here on earth, not the quantity.

Eric Idle sings that the Earth is "revolving at nine hundred miles an hour"; the actual figure (at the equator) is 1,038. He gives the Earth's orbital speed as 19 miles (31 km) per second, compared with the real figure of 18 to 18.5.

Idle states that the Sun is "the source of all our power". In fact, two notable sources of electrical power are not directly traceable to the Sun: Geothermal power uses heat from plate...


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