Gin Blossoms

Gin Blossoms

  • 30 Nov 09:00
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The Gin Blossoms emerged from out of nowhere to conquer America in 1993 with a string of singles exploding with power pop charm tinged with bittersweet melancholia. Ironically, most of those hits were penned by founding guitarist Doug Hopkins, whose alcoholism got him sacked from the band shortly after the multi-platinum New Miserable Experience was recorded. Hopkins committed suicide in December 1993, but the band carried on without him for another album, which hit the charts partly on the strength of a single co-written with Marshall Crenshaw. The band split the following year, but reunited in 2002 and eventually released another album, Major Lodge Victory, a glorious record and much better than anyone could have expected. Gin Blossoms signed a two-album deal with 429 Records.

Followers: Rooney, The Feeling, The Thorns

Influenced By: R.E.M, The Church, The Byrds, Big Star...


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