Grace And Danger

Grace And Danger (John Martyn)

  • 18 Aug 13:58
  • 6 lists

John Martyn shared the break-up of his marriage to Beverly Martyn with us, by tearing open his heart and exposing all his emotions on record. Those listeners who were experiencing similar problems found it torturously compelling. The three emotional killers run consecutively - ‘Sweet Little Mystery’, ‘Hurt In Your Heart’ and ‘Baby Please Come Home’. Each one pleads, begs and reasons and inevitably you ask, how on earth could she ever leave him? The answer is in the penultimate track where he announces, ‘I saved some for me’ and ‘I didn’t give it all’. If you survived this album you can survive anything in later life.

Tracks: Some People Are Crazy; Grace And Danger; Lookin’ On; Johnny Too Bad; Sweet Little Mystery; Hurt In Your Heart; Baby Please Come Home; Save Some For Me; Our Love....


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