Hex Enduction Hour

Hex Enduction Hour (The Fall)

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Hex Enduction Hour is a 1982 album by The Fall. It was the first album to feature both Karl Burns and Paul Hanley in a two-drummer lineup and was partly recorded in Iceland during the group's 1981 visit, with the remainder being completed in a disused cinema in Hitchin, England. A single, "Look, Know" / "I'm Into C.B.", was recorded contemporaneously but not included on the album, standard practice for the group until 1986. Mark E. Smith told journalist Sandy Robertson that he had envisaged Hex as being the group's final album and that he would not have continued in music had this been the case. However, the record received very positive reviews and was the first Fall album to make the official chart, spending 3 weeks in and peaking at #71.

In 1984, Motown Records expressed an interest in signing the band to a new UK division and asked to hear their back catalogue. "Hex" was the only album Smith had to hand. The letter the group received back stated "I see no commercial potential in this band whatsoever". Smith publicly speculated that this might have had something to do with the lines "Where are the obligatory niggers? / Hey there, fuckface" from album opener "The Classical".



Best 1982 Album On Earth

Best 1982 Album On Earth

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