I Know What I Like

I Know What I Like (Genesis)

  • 19 Sep 17:09
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"I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)" was the first charting single by the rock band Genesis. The single was first released in the UK in August 1973, but did not become a hit until April 1974, when it reached number 21 in the UK Singles Chart.

Its original b-side was the non-album track "Twilight Alehouse," a song about a lonely man who finds solace in the local tavern. This song had been in Genesis's live set since 1970 but was not recorded in the studio until 1973.

"I Know What I Like" is also the second track on the Selling England by the Pound album. A lighthearted pop song, it provides a moment of comic relief after the opening number, "Dancing With The Moonlit Knight."

The song's lyrics, like many of Peter Gabriel's in his Genesis days, tell a story. It portrays a young man who pushes a lawn mower for a living and shares his philosophy on life that he does not want to grow up and do great things, being perfectly happy where he is. Betty Swanwick's painting The Dream, which was used as the Selling England album cover, provided inspiration for the lyrics.

The song has a somewhat Eastern sound, full of hand percussion rhythms and an electric sitar riff from Mike Rutherford...


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