Idiot Wind

Idiot Wind (Bob Dylan)

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"Idiot Wind" is a song by Bob Dylan. It appeared on his album Blood on the Tracks.

The song was likely to have been written in the summer of 1974, after his comeback tour with The Band. Working on a suggestion from his brother, Dylan re-recorded half the songs on Blood on the Tracks, including "Idiot Wind". The re-recorded versions were radical departures from the original recordings, and "Idiot Wind" saw a tremendous change, including the adding of a full band backing from an essentially solo acoustic recording. The sessions in which he rerecorded these songs took place after the initial pressing of Blood on the Tracks, however, and the session musicians Dylan used were not given credit for their work on the album sleeves.

The Minneapolis version on Blood on the Tracks is listed as 7:48 long. The version on the Masterpieces collection is listed as 10:06 long

Even though Dylan claims that the song's lyrics have no relation to the messy situation of his marriage to Sara Dylan, his son Jakob Dylan has stated about the album in interviews that "The songs are my parents talking".

A raucous live version is included as the closing track to Hard Rain listed as 10:21 long.

The song was #16...


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