Jack Bruce

Jack Bruce

  • 14 Mar 09:08
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One of the most gifted rock musicians of the late 20th century, and for many critics, the greatest bass player of all-time, Jack Bruce started his musical career as a piano student at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music. Despite this classical background it was as a R&B and jazz nut that Bruce made his first forays into the life of a professional musician. Working with Alexis Korner, Graham Bond and John Mayall proved an invaluable training ground, and in 1966 Bruce joined Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker in the power trio Cream. Bruce's imaginative bass playing played a prominent role in the group's music, while his soulful vocal style was also heard to good effect on many of their songs. Following the break-up of Cream, Bruce made his solo debut in 1969 with the superlative Songs For A Tailor. This jazz-influenced collection featured the best of his songwriting partnership with Pete Brown, which had begun back in the Cream days. In subsequent decades Bruce balanced solo albums alongside work with Tony Williams, Carla Bley and John McLaughlin. His style has shifted between jazz and heavy rock, and while he has not always chosen the right outlets for his many faceted talents he remains one of the most talented all-round musicians and songwriters to have emerged from the UK.

Followers: Geddy Lee, John Paul Jones, Prakash John, Bill Laswell

Influenced By: Willie Dixon, Charles Mingus, James Jamerson, Alexis Korner...


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