Live Grape

Live Grape (Moby Grape)

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Live Grape is a 1978 album by Moby Grape, released by Escape Records, of live performances of the band in and around the Santa Cruz area.

The album features core members Peter Lewis, Jerry Miller and Skip Spence. Original members Bob Mosley and Don Stevenson did not participate in the recordings, though Bob Mosley did appear with the band on occasion during this period. The recordings were made of performances in 1977 and early 1978, in and around Santa Cruz. At the time, band members were in a protracted legal dispute with former manager Matthew Katz over ownership of the Moby Grape band name. As a result, Moby Grape is not named anywhere on the cover.

The album was originally released by Escape Records in 1978. It was reissued on CD by Line Records in 1994 and Akarma Records in 2007....


Best Moby Grape Album On Earth

Best Moby Grape Album On Earth

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