Magical Mystery Tour

Magical Mystery Tour (The Beatles)

  • 29 Jan 14:20
  • 6 lists

The Americans saw the sense in making this an album, with a few extra tracks. In the UK it was released as a double EP, highly original, but a pain to keep turning over four sides. The CD stopped all that, and we can universally benefit from some high-quality Beatles music. This album deserves better appreciation because it does contain three of John Lennon’s finest - the swirling ‘Baby You’re A Rich Man’, the staggering lyrics of ‘I Am The Walrus’ and the pinnacle, ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’. The film may have disappointed but there is enough great material here to keep any dissenter quiet. America at least, appreciates it.

Tracks: Magical Mystery Tour; The Fool On The Hill; Flying; Blue Jay Way; Your Mother Should Know; I Am The Walrus; Hello Goodbye; Strawberry Fields Forever; Penny Lane; Baby You’re A Rich Man; All You Need Is Love....


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