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Mark Hollis (Mark Hollis)

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Mark Hollis is the only solo album by the former Talk Talk frontman Mark Hollis. It was released on Polydor on 2 February 1998, then reissued on Pond Life on 13 March 2000. In 2003, the album was released in LP format on Universal Records. Its sound is noted for being extremely sparse and minimal; AllMusic called it "quite possibly the most quiet and intimate record ever made". Hollis found inspiration not in the popular music of the day, but rather in 20th-century classical music and jazz from the late fifties and sixties. The album did not mark a return for Hollis to the music industry or live performance: he stated at the time of the album's release that "There won't be any gig, not even at home in the living room. This material isn't suited to play live."

The album was recorded as part of a two-album contract with Polydor, along with Talk Talk's 1991 Laughing Stock.

"A Life (1895 - 1915)", which has been referred to as "the album's epic centrepiece" refers to Roland Leighton (1895-1915), a British soldier and poet who was the fiancé of Vera Brittain at the time of his death in World War I. Hollis has stated about the song, "That was someone born before the turn of the...


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