Meddle (Pink Floyd)

  • 18 Aug 13:49
  • 5 lists

This famous ‘inside the ear’ cover is often put at the bottom of the Pink Floyd pile alongside the More album, in place of their many mega-selling others. Meddle is often remembered for the (admittedly impressive) ‘Echoes’, nearly 24 minutes of sweeping organ, building over clashing guitar. Equally good is the lilting ‘A Pillow Of Winds’, which is a delight, as is the easy-going ‘Fearless’, with some lovely chord changes. Roger Waters also sings well as the whole band sound relaxed and more together than at any stage in their turbulent career. Meddle deserves reappraisal as their most therapeutic and enjoyable album.

Tracks: One Of These Days; A Pillow Of Winds; Fearless; San Tropez; Seamus; Echoes....


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