Meet On The Ledge

Meet On The Ledge (Fairport Convention)

  • 18 Aug 15:39
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"Meet on the Ledge" was Fairport Convention's second single.

The song was taken from the album What We Did on Our Holidays. BBC Radio 2's Sold On Song TOP 100 songs as voted for by Radio 2 listeners put their early song "Meet On The Ledge" at Number 17. They had performed "Meet on the Ledge" on the 1969 launch of From the Roundhouse (a short-lived BBC-TV youth and arts programme about the London "underground scene"). The song appears to represent some kind of confrontation with death, perhaps the loss of a friend or even a sense of one's own mortality. The song's title comes from a large, low hanging tree limb which Thompson, as a child, used to play on, and which he and his friends had dubbed "The Ledge".

The song became Fairport Convention's unofficial anthem. At their concerts and, particularly, at the ongoing Cropredy Festival, it is often performed as the last song and a signal to fans that there will be no more encores.

Thompson was somewhat uncertain of his own vocals at the time of the first recording. Instead Sandy Denny and Ian Matthews took the honours. Thompson re-recorded it on the album Small Town Romance (a bonus track), but does not give it any special prominence in...


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