Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

  • 30 Nov 09:08
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Surely the greatest true ‘pop star’ the world will ever know. A tragic end to an extraordinary musical talent came in 2009, after years of alleged financial problems and unproven molestation charges, the one thing that remains is a magnificent catalogue of songs and a visual record of a unique dancer that defined modern dance routine. From a young age Jackson was a damaged individual from The Jackson Five onwards, who ill advisedly changed his looks via bizarre facial surgery. The press eventually became more interested in anything other than his music, and this was consequently neglected. However, whatever his facial transformation, and constant rumours about his private life it could not mask the sheer brilliance of his music, voice and dance. Jackson was a unique and phenomenal talent and his influence will not only last, it will continue to grow with a new generation.

Followers: John Mayer, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Terence Trent D'Arby, Whitney Houston, R. Kelly, Janet Jackson, Chris Brown, P Diddy, Nelly

Influenced By: Fred Astaire, James Brown, Gene Kelly, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, Little Richard...


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