Neon (John Mayer)

  • 19 Sep 16:06
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"Neon" is a song performed by John Mayer and written by Mayer and his former songwriting partner Clay Cook. The two wrote the song while they were known as LoFi Masters. The studio edition of the song appears as track five on Mayer's platinum album, Room for Squares.

The song appeared twice in Mayer's initial indie EP, Inside Wants Out, once simply under the title "Neon", which is a vocal acoustic version, and a second time as "Neon 12:47 AM" which is a live version with a full band as well as altered versions of "Neon" main riffs, but was notably much shorter than the first version. Mayer then re-recorded the song for his first full studio album, Room for Squares, merging elements of the two EP versions (i.e., the length and lyrics of the first and full band from the second). The song has later appeared on three of Mayer's live albums; Any Given Thursday, and returning to its acoustic form as a guitar and vocal duet between Mayer and David Ryan Harris on the albums as/is and alone on Where the Light Is: John Mayer Live in Los Angeles "Neon" remains one of only a few of Mayer's early songs which has been featured on many of his releases and is still included in his regular setlist...


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